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Interchange Rates

Provided below are links to Interchange rates as set out by the Payment Card Networks (e.g., Visa Canada, Mastercard Canada etc.) for processing credit/debit card payments. The rates that apply to you are based on your primary business. Your specific rates are based on the product / service category where most of your sales fall into. For a complete listing of business descriptions for each Interchange category, click the applicable category name below. Then click the related PDF under the respective category name for the corresponding Interchange rates.

The PDFs below contain interchange Rates and Fees that are currently in effect.

Everyday Needs Category
View details

Charity/Emerging Segment Category
View details

Gas Category View details

Grocery Category
View details

Standard/General Business Category
View details

If you have questions or are uncertain about what Interchange Rates apply to you, we encourage you to call us at 1-800-363-1163. Final confirmation of rates that apply to you will be sent to you at the time of set-up. Rates are not applicable when processing debit and credit transactions with us using our TD Mobile POS terminal or TD Mobile Pay terminal.