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Credit Cards

TD Visa Agreements and Customer Privacy

On Nov. 30, 2015, CBC Go Public published and broadcast a story about wording in TD's credit card agreements, which incorrectly implied that TD could be monitoring customers' internet browsing habits. Here are the facts, which we repeatedly provided to the CBC:

TD does not and has never collected general information regarding details about customers' browsing activity, their browser or mobile device.

The language was in our agreements because our intention was that we may collect information when our customers use TD websites and TD Mobile Apps. We understand the wording may have caused concern. We removed it from our Online Privacy Agreement on in 2014. This reference will also be removed from print applications and agreements as they come up for renewed printing, since changes to printed Agreements take time to implement.

Preferences and activities in our agreement refer to customer interactions; i.e. preference to bank online or in person. Additional examples include:

  • Receiving information by email or hard copy
  • Setting up direct deposit for payroll
  • Transaction frequency
  • Customer dealings with TD (in person, over the phone, at the ATM, on mobile, through email or the Internet)

Knowing this information helps us provide the service customers need and expect.

We hope this clearly explains our practices and are available to answer questions or concerns from customers.