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TD Gift Card Program

Are you an Existing Customer?

Drive sales and build customer loyalty

A TD Gift Card solution gives your business
a great opportunity to boost sales by driving customers into your store, increase loyalty
with existing customers and enhance your overall brand.

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What TD gift cards can do for your business

Get new customers and sales

  • Using gift cards (for birthdays, Christmas, weddings)
    is more popular than ever before.
  • Studies show that 40% of gift-card holders are first-time
    customers,1 and that they will typically spend 50% more
    than the amount on their card.

Increase brand awareness and build loyalty

  • Promote your business name on the card to new and existing
  • Gift cards customized with your business name or logo are an
    effective way to advertise and leave a lasting impression with

Choose from a number of pre-designed gift cards (pdf) that reflect your
business, or create a fully customized card with your own design

The benefits of a TD Gift Card program

Enhance your cash flow

  • Since gift cards are purchased prior to customers receiving their goods and services from you, you can re-invest these dollars back into your business.
  • Also, it’s estimated that 40% of gift cardholders leave approximately $2.30 on their card, which is revenue for you!2

Eliminate cashbacks on returns

  • Instead of providing cashback for returns, you can provide your customers gift cards, with the amount of the refund loaded on the card.
  • This will help keep the funds in your business and drives the consumer to come back to your store.

Simplify operations

  • Merchant gift cards are easy for your customers to use and easy for your employees to issue and redeem, as they work similarly to credit cards.

Why Choose TD Merchant Services

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Trusted advice & experience

Our professional payment advisors will take the time to understand your business and will help you find the
solution that meets your needs.

No surprises

The signup process is easy and transparent, so you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Technical support you can count on

We provide a 24/7 support line to answer your questions, along with a 4-hour commitment to fix your terminal if it goes down.

A bank that you can rely on

When you sign up with TD Merchant Services, you benefit from the national reach and capabilities of the only payment solutions provider that is a leading Canadian bank.