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Small money-saving changes can save you a bundle.

Save on everyday expenses

Looking for ways to trim costs and balance your budget? Try to find small changes that won’t make a significant impact on your lifestyle. Here are a few to consider:

  • Minimize banking fees.
  • Buy your phone, cable and Internet services from the same provider to take advantage of bundle discounts.
  • Downgrade cell phones, data packages and plans.
  • Switch to a lower-rate credit card if you tend to carry a balance.
  • Consolidate debt into a lower-interest rate product.
  • Cut energy bills by choosing energy-efficient appliances and lighting options, unplugging electronics when not in use and setting your programmable thermostat to a higher (in summer) or lower (in winter) temperature.
  • Purchase a monthly transit pass instead of individual fares, find less expensive parking options or walk or bike when you can.
  • Trim your grocery bill (stock up on sale items that are staples you’d buy anyway, buy in bulk, use flyers and coupons, switch to a less expensive store).
  • Try to buy clothes that can be laundered at home instead of dry cleaned.
  • Shop online to know the best price of something before you buy it.
  • Choose less expensive brands if quality is comparable.
  • When you buy electronics or appliances, skip the extra cost of an extended warranty.
  • Think long-term savings, by purchasing quality items that are durable and low-maintenance, to save on repairs and replacement costs.
  • Return items to the store for a refund when you’ve made the wrong purchase or if the item is faulty.
  • Consider suggesting alternatives to seasonal gift-giving, like drawing names, setting a spending limit or making a gift yourself.

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Trim costs and start saving, with small changes that won’t have a major lifestyle impact.