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Buying a Home

How much does a home cost?

There’s more than the mortgage amount to consider when looking at the costs of buying and owning a home.


Determine what you can comfortably afford so you can shop with confidence with the TD Mortgage Affordability Calculator. This calculator will show you:

  • The purchase price range you may consider
  • The amount of mortgage you may qualify for
  • What mortgage payments to expect
  • Some strategies on how to save money over the life of your mortgage

Explore multiple scenarios to help you take the first step toward home ownership.


Mortgage Payment Calculator

Our mortgage calculator helps you work out the mortgage payment plan that is right for you.

When home hunting, consider what your “must-haves” are and what you can compromise on to help you stay within budget.


First-time Home Buyer Resources

No matter where you are in the home buying process, we have the information you'll need along the way.

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