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Set up a system to help manage your household finances.

Set up a system for your finances

It’s easier to stay on top of your finances if you have a system to follow. Try these ideas to get set up:

  • Keep incoming bills together in a visible location in order of due date. Set a regular date to review and pay, either once a week or twice a month.
  • Stash sales receipts and ATM slips in an envelope and check against paper statements or EasyWeb when you pay bills.
  • Pay bills automatically by setting up Pre-authorized Debits with the companies you pay on a regular basis. Check your accounts frequently to keep track of payments and balances.
  • Check online bill statements to confirm accuracy, noting amount and due date.
  • File paid paper bills and checked statements by issuer or by month.
  • Shred unwanted paper that shows any personal information.
  • Try to keep only what you need to cover expenses in your chequing account. Transfer extra money to a savings or investment account.

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