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Financial Planning

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6 Steps to Financial Planning

Let TD help you set up a plan to meet your goals! What are your goals and objectives? These goals are the building blocks to any sound financial plan.

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Plan your Retirement

Whether you have already established a Registered Retirement Savings Plan or are just beginning, it is never too late to begin saving.

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Invest for your Kids' Education

As the cost of education rises, so does the importance of saving for your child's post-secondary education.

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Manage your Debts

Debt reduction often ranks as a primary and challenging financial goal. Therefore effective debt management is critical to the success of your financial plan.

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Buy a Car

Buying a car represents the second largest purchase most people make. Whatever shape your automotive dream takes, buying a car is a big thrill and a big expense.

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Buy a Home

The purchase of a home is usually the biggest purchase anyone will make. Some people feel pressured to buy the first house they see. It's wise to shop around in order to find the best possible house for you. It's easy if you take it step-by-step.

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Protect your Family's Future with Insurance

Life can be unpredictable. Whatever your age and personal situation, make sure that you have a plan in place to provide for your survivors in the event of your death. Insurance planning is an important component in the financial planning process

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Update your Estate Plan

Estate planning is the process of providing for the orderly transfer of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries; making sure that your estate is distributed the way you want it to be.

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