Interac Fraud

Steps to help prevent skimming

  • Inspect your POS equipment regularly, including serial numbers, wires and cables. If any equipment looks unfamiliar, appears altered or is missing, immediately notify TD Merchant Services.
  • Check ceilings, walls or shelves near PIN pads for holes that could conceal a small camera.
  • Install your debit terminal so that customers have enough room to comfortably shield the PIN pad when entering their number, thereby limiting the most common way of stealing a cardholder’s PIN: shoulder surfing.
  • Make sure that any security cameras on your premises don’t capture the PIN the customer is entering.
  • Allow the customer to hold the PIN pad until the transaction is complete, and never enter a PIN for a customer.
  • Keep all transaction records on file (for the length of time specified in your service agreement), along with employee shift schedules and supplier information.
  • Display the Interac Association’s special Protect Your PIN decal available from TD Merchant Services by calling
  • Know your employees, including completing a full application for hiring, keeping on record all information on employees (including photo identification and schedules), making random visits on weekends and after hours, maintaining accurate records of employees and mandating employees to write their employee number or initials on transaction records.