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Fraud Awareness

Credit Card Fraud

Customer and card alerts

Problems with the card

  • A bumpy, chipped or scratched surface with bent edges.
  • A missing three-dimensional hologram.
  • Unclear or angled/messy embossing.
  • Metallic paint used to touch up the hologram after re-embossing the account number.
  • Four printed numbers don’t match the first four numbers of the embossing.
  • Irregular or inconsistent spacing and type styles.
  • Signature panel doesn’t bear the repeated word “Visa”in blue and gold at an angle or “MasterCard” in multiple colours at a 45 degree angle.
  • Ghost images of a previous name, number or date.

Problems with the customer

  • Customer purchases a large quantity of high-priced merchandise on a newly valid card without regard to size, colour, style or price.
  • Female customer uses a card with a male name, or vice versa.
  • Someone purchases expensive electronics such as TVs or stereos without asking about technical specifications or warranties, or insists on taking merchandise immediately, even when delivery is included in the price.
  • Customer takes their credit card from a pocket rather than a wallet, signs the sales draft very slowly or awkwardly or needs to see the name on the card before signing.
  • Customer appears extremely nervous or hurries the clerk at closing time.

Although these situations can be present in a legitimate transaction, it’s best to play it safe. If you have any suspicions, call for a Code 10 authorization.