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Understanding & Consent

TD e-Series Funds utilize the power of the Internet and other cost saving technologies that allow TD Investment Services Inc. (TDIS) to keep expenses lower and pass the savings on to me.

I hereby acknowledge and consent to the following terms and conditions of the TD e-Series Funds Account:

  1. I have registered for TD Canada Trust’s EasyWeb Internet Banking ("EasyWeb"), or will register for any other service or delivery channel as TDIS may advise in the future , and I hereby accept the terms and conditions pertaining to the use of EasyWeb or such other service or delivery channel.
  2. I shall manage my account and correspond with TDIS exclusively via electronic means through EasyWeb and email, except as indicated below, as the TD
    e-SeriesFunds Account is electronic only.
  3. TDIS will deliver all statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses, annual reports, semi-annual financial statements, and all other materials (the "Documents") electronically. TDIS will notify me by email when Documents are ready for viewing. Trade confirmations will be posted for 60 days. All other Documents will remain available for viewing until they are replaced with more recent versions.
  4. TDIS will make all Documents containing account information accessible in a designated area within EasyWeb or an alternative service or delivery channel.
  5. I am responsible for viewing and downloading the Documents after TDIS alerts me by email that they are available for viewing. I understand that I will require Adobe Acrobat Reader or other document viewing software, as TDIS may advise from time to time, to read some Documents.
  6. Paper Documents are available at no cost, and I may request delivery of paper Documents by regular mail at any time. However, any such request, except in the event of an EasyWeb or alternative service or delivery channel service interruption, may be considered by TDIS, at its sole option, to constitute a revocation of this TD e-Series Funds Understanding and Consent by me.
  7. In the event of an EasyWeb or alternative service or delivery channel service interruption, I will be able to contact TDIS by telephone through TD Canada Trust’s EasyLine telephone banking service, or the alternative service or delivery channel by telephone (if applicable), and such telephone contact does not constitute a breach of this TD e-Series Funds Understanding and Consent.
  8. TDIS may, at any time, at its option, satisfy any Document delivery obligations by regular mail, without changing the nature of the TD e-Series Funds Account.
  9. I will advise TDIS promptly, in writing, by regular mail, of any change to my email address.
  10. TDIS may amend any or all of these terms and conditions at any time upon notice to me and I agree to be bound by them.
  11. I may, at any time, revoke this TD e-Series Funds Understanding and Consent, which has the effect of revoking my consent to electronic delivery of Documents. Upon such revocation, I will no longer be eligible to hold e-Series units of TD Mutual Funds or TD Managed Assets Program Portfolios, and TDIS may, upon notice to me, switch all of my e-Series units into the corresponding Investor Series units and my TD e-Series Funds Account will thereby be converted into a TD Mutual Funds Account or TD Managed Assets Portfolio Account, as the case may be, or TDIS may redeem my e-Series units.