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Fixed Income

Government of Canada Real Return Bonds

Government of Canada Real Return Bonds pay attractive real rates of interest and are fully guaranteed by the federal government. They are available for terms up to 28 years, and are essentially risk-free if held to maturity. They have all the benefits of regular Government of Canada Bonds, plus they guarantee a rate of return that is adjusted for inflation--so you don't have to worry about the effect rising prices will have on your retirement income. If you are looking for the above mentioned features, but do not require income, consider investing in a Real Return Stripped Bond.

Common Characteristics

Dollars to Invest/Time Horizon
Minimum investment (at face value) is approximately $5,000. Please note that the actual settlement amount is adjusted for inflation. Current bond issues available mature in 2021, 2026 and 2031.
Fully guaranteed by the Government of Canada with a return above the rate of inflation. There is essentially no risk with any investment held to maturity--every aspect of the investment is guaranteed, regardless of the size of the investment. Competitive yield.
May be sold at any time, with settlement within three business days.
Interest is paid semi-annually. However, all settlement prices (buys/sells or maturity) and coupon payments are adjusted for the inflation that accrues between the bond's initial issue date and settlement date.

Key Benefits

  • Safest Canadian investments available in Canada, regardless of the size of the investment.
  • Guarantees a return greater than inflation if held to maturity.
  • Fully guaranteed principal and interest when held to maturity.
  • Principal is adjusted to the rate of inflation, and semi-annual interest payments are calculated using the adjusted principal amount.
  • High degree of liquidity.
  • Low minimum investment required.
  • RSP/RRIF eligible.

Non Registered fixed income investments
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Registered fixed income investments
can be purchased from
TD Direct investing.

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