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Interac e-Transfer®


Make your life easier
with Interac e-Transfer

Chipping in on a gift? Use Interac e-Transfer to
quickly send money anytime, anywhere in Canada.


Transfer money quickly

With Interac e-Transfer you don't have to wait until you see someone to give them money.


Make your life easier

Whether you’re splitting a bill with your roommate or paying your dog walker, you can send money on the go using the
TD app

Send money securely

Interac e-Transfer uses secure banking procedures. Learn about the TD online Security Guarantee.

Start sending in four easy steps


Register for EasyWeb
All you need is an account with EasyWeb access. Not yet registered? Sign up today.


Register for Interac e-Transfer
In EasyWeb, select "Transfers" from the left menu. Then select "Within Canada" and then "by Interac e-Transfer". Register by providing your name and email address.


Add Recipient
Get the email address of the recipient and make sure they have a personal bank account at a participating Canadian financial institution2. Then, follow the instructions to add a recipient.


Login to EasyWeb or the TD app. Follow the instructions to send an Interac e-Transfer. The recipient will receive an email notification that the money is ready to be deposited into their bank account. You will receive an email notification once the deposit is complete. The fee is $1.503 to send an Interac e-Transfer. It’s free4 to receive and deposit an Interac e-Transfer online through a participating Canadian financial institution.

Your Interac e-Transfer takes place with the same level of security and
confidentiality as every EasyWeb banking transaction.