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Green Machine ATM

How to transfer between accounts

Follow these steps to conveniently transfer money between your chequing, savings and credit card accounts using the Green Machine ATM.

Want to see how?

Watch the online demo to see step-by-step instructions for this Green Machine ATM feature.

Step 1

Select Payments & Transfers

Select Payments & Transfers when you reach the ATM Welcome screen.

Step 2

Select Transfer

Select Transfer from the menu options to continue the transaction.

Step 3

Select an account

Select the account from which you would like to transfer money.

Step 4

Choose a destination account

Select the destination account into which you want funds to be transferred.

Step 5

Enter the amount

Use the keypad to enter the amount of money you would like to transfer, and press OK to continue.

Step 6

Confirm your request

Confirm the transfer details displayed by pressing OK to continue, or press Change to make any changes.

Step 7

Make another transaction or end session

This screen confirms that your money has been successfully transferred. You may continue with another transaction, or press No to end this ATM visit.

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