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Green Machine ATM

Make a deposit and withdraw cash in one transaction

The Green Machine ATM lets you save time by completing multiple tasks in one visit, such as making a deposit and withdrawing cash in a single transaction.

Want to see how?

Watch the online demo to see step-by-step instructions for this Green Machine ATM feature.

Step 1

Select Deposit

To deposit cheques or cash, select Deposit when you reach the ATM Welcome screen.

Step 2

Choose an account

Select the account into which you would like to make a deposit.

Step 3

Enter up to 5 deposit amounts

You may make up to five deposits at one time using the Deposit Calculator feature. Using the ATM keypad, enter the amount of the first deposit item in the top screen and press OK. Select Up or Down to enter additional deposit items or to correct an amount. Your total amount is automatically calculated.

Step 4

Press No More Items to continue

When you have finished entering your deposit or multiple deposits, press No More Items to continue.
If any portion of your deposit is going to be held and isn't available for withdrawal, you will then be shown a Deposit Hold Message showing how much of your deposit is available for immediate withdrawal. Press OK to continue, or press Cancel if you do not wish to complete the deposit.

Step 5

Put cheques and cash into an envelope

This screen gives you time to insert all cheques and cash you are depositing into an envelope provided at the ATM. Use one envelope only, and press OK when you are ready to deposit it.

Step 6

Place envelope into the slot

Deposit the sealed envelope into the slot indicated on the ATM.

Step 7

See confirmation

You will see confirmation that your deposit is complete. You can now request a cash withdrawal from the same account, or from another account.

Step 8

Select cash amount

If you chose to make a withdrawal from the same account, you can now choose from a pre-set amount or enter another amount using the ATM keypad. Press OK to continue.

Step 9

Complete your transaction.

A message will confirm your cash withdrawal transaction is complete. You can now opt to make another transaction at this ATM or press No to finish now and collect your cash.

Step 10

Receipt options

Press Yes if you want a paper receipt or No if you prefer to go paperless.

Step 11

Take your card, cash and receipt

Remove your cash, TD Access Card and, if selected, your receipt from the ATM. Your transaction is complete.

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