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Green Machine ATM

How to make an ATM withdrawal

The Green Machine ATM gives you convenient access to your money, day or night, at over 2,800 Green Machine ATMs across Canada. Follow these steps to Make a Withdrawal after signing in with your TD Access Card and PIN.

Want to see how?

Watch the online demo to see step-by-step instructions for this Green Machine ATM feature.

Step 1

Select Cash Withdrawal

Select Cash Withdrawal from the options on the Welcome screen.

Step 2

Select cash amount

Select a pre-set amount to withdraw. Or, you can enter another amount using the ATM keypad. Press OK to continue.

Step 3

Choose an account

Choose the account from which you would like to withdraw money.

Step 4

Perform another transaction

A message will confirm that your Cash Withdrawal transaction is complete. You can now opt to make another transaction at this ATM or press No to finish now and collect your cash.

Step 5

Receipt options

Press Yes if you want a paper receipt or No if
you prefer to go paperless.

Step 6

Take your cash

Remove your cash, TD Access Card and, if
selected, your receipt from the ATM. Your transaction is complete.

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