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How to change your PIN at the ATM

Here’s how you can change your PIN at any Green Machine ATM location. Remember, always protect your PIN by shielding it from the view of others.

Want to see how?

Watch the online demo to see step-by-step instructions for this Green Machine ATM feature.

Step 1 Option 1

Select Change PIN

To change your PIN at the ATM, select Change PIN on the ATM Welcome menu.

Step 1 Option 2

Select Change PIN

If you don’t see this on the main menu, look for this selection under More Transactions.

Step 2

Enter a new PIN

Use the ATM keypad to enter your new PIN. It is recommended to choose a 4-digit number.

Step 3

Reenter your new PIN

Reenter your new PIN, and press OK.

Step 4

See confirmation

After your request is processed, you will see a confirmation that your PIN has been changed and have the option to perform another transaction.

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