Family Allowance test app

Make saving
rewarding and fun.

Set your kids up for financial success
with the new Family Allowance test app!

Thank you for your feedback during its limited time of availability. We will soon be discontinuing the TD Family Allowance test app. Your input has helped make saving more fun and rewarding for kids. It has also helped inform our future plans for personal banking solutions for parents and kids.

Important dates:

  • App will be unavailable for download after May 1, 2017.
  • App service will end on May 24, 2017. This means no more app login access or submitting feedback after this date. Please ensure your family's activities are recorded so they don't lose track of their savings goals!

TD Lab Description

TD Lab is an innovation team within TD Bank Group. We believe the best solutions come from understanding our customers and their needs – and we want your input on some of our favorite ideas. Our apps are tests – we will improve the apps with your feedback, you may see an occasional ‘bug’ that slipped past our reviewers, and not everything in-test will live forever – and while we hope to uncover some ideas you love, all of your input will inform future solutions.