Family Allowance test app

Make saving
rewarding and fun.

Set your kids up for financial success
with the new Family Allowance test app!

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Test a new app that teaches kids about saving.

Teaching your kids about money is a big challenge. To help, TD is inviting you to test a new app called Family Allowance —
an easy-to-use and fun way to connect with your kids about responsible money management. The test app will be available for a limited time. Give it a try and play a key role in improving the experience.


Convenient for parents

Makes it easier to:

  • Manage allowances
  • Monitor saving and approve spending
  • Assign chores
  • Give your kids a solid foundation in managing money

Fun for kids

Your kids can:

  • Keep track of their allowance
  • Save for the things they want
  • Watch their money grow
  • Earn rewards for reaching goals

Get the Family
Allowance test app:

How it works

Create your

Get started by
adding your family

Make saving fun and engaging

Kids can be rewarded for good financial decisions, motivating behaviour.

Teach kids the value of money

Each child can easily
view what they've
earned and spent.

Create goals and track progress

Your kids can easily monitor and track
their savings goals.

Tell us what you think!

Play a key role in improving the Family Allowance test app — shake the phone to send us feedback.

TD Lab Description

TD Lab is an innovation team within TD Bank Group. We believe the best solutions come from understanding our customers and their needs – and we want your input on some of our favorite ideas. Our apps are tests – we will improve the apps with your feedback, you may see an occasional ‘bug’ that slipped past our reviewers, and not everything in-test will live forever – and while we hope to uncover some ideas you love, all of your input will inform future solutions.