1 Transfers from the TD Every Day Savings Account to another TD Canada Trust personal Canadian dollar chequing or savings account registered in the same customer name are free except for transfers between accounts done by way of cheque or Interac® e-Transfer which are treated as Debit Transactions.

2 Transactions/Debit Transactions include: withdrawals, transfers, cheques, pre-authorized payments, bill payments and Debit Payment purchases. For Debit Payment purchases at merchants outside of Canada who accept Visa Debit, the transaction amount will be converted to Canadian dollars based on the foreign exchange rate charged to TD Canada Trust and will include an additional fee equal to 2.5% of the converted amount. For NYCE® Debit Payment purchases, included in the currency exchange cost will be a conversion fee which is calculated by adding an additional 250 basis points to the interbank U.S. dollar exchange rate. For example, on a purchase of $10 U.S. with an exchange rate of 1.3 the transaction amount will be $13.25 CDN ($10 x 1.325). Deposit transactions are free.

3 Monthly paper statement record keeping available for $2.00 per month. Record Keeping Fee waived with minimum monthly balance of $1,000. The applicable balance must be maintained each day of the applicable month to entitle you to the waiver of the Record Keeping Fee.

4 The Plus Network is operated by Visa International who is responsible for ensuring all member banks are compliant with current standards to allow withdrawals by all Plus Cardholders. Certain states permit surcharging of international customers at independent ATMs. This surcharge will display electronically for the customer to accept before completing the transaction.