1 25 transactions a month at $1.25 each for one year (25x$1.25x12) = $375 annual value of features.

2 Minimum monthly balance indicated must be maintained throughout the month.

3 Senior's Rebate of 25% off the monthly fee (rounded up to the nearest $0.05) for clients 60 years old and over as of March 5, 2012.

4 The Plus Network is operated by Visa International who is responsible for ensuring all member banks are compliant with current standards to allow withdrawals by all Plus Cardholders. Certain states permit surcharging of international customers at independent ATMs. This surcharge will display electronically for the customer to accept before completing the transaction.

5 Subject to approval. All overdrafts must be paid within 89 days, are subject to an interest rate of 21% per annum (subject to change) on the overdrawn amount, and that subsequent deposits to your account will automatically be applied to pay off the overdraft. Overdraft interest rate is subject to change.