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Seniors’ Rebated Accounts

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Save every month on select chequing account fees with rebates for those 60 years of age and older.

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How much does it cost?

A rebate of 25% off the monthly fee for selected chequing accounts are applicable to those 60 years of age and older, and are as follows:


Rebate1(opens new window)

Monthly Fee
(after rebate)


An all-inclusive banking plan for all your day to day banking needs.

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The most popular banking solution for frequent account users.

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Every Day

A budget-friendly account package for occasional account users.

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Expand Transaction Fees

  • Send money using Interac e-Transfer for $0.504 for each transfer of up to $100, and $1.004 for each transfer of over $100. Transfer fee does not apply if you send money using Interac e-Transfer from a TD Student Chequing Account, TD Every Day Chequing Account, TD Unlimited Chequing Account, or TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan account.
  • Non-TD ATM withdrawals for $2.00 each within Canada. This fee does not apply if the withdrawal is from a TD Unlimited Chequing Account or TD All-Inclusive Banking Plan account.
  • PLUS system withdrawals (inside U.S. and Mexico) $3 CDN each, FREE at any TD Bank ATM2(opens new window) (excludes All-Inclusive Banking Plan)
  • PLUS system withdrawal fee outside Canada, U.S. and Mexico are $5 CDN each2(opens new window) (excludes All-Inclusive Banking Plan)
  • Free EasyWeb® View Cheque service

Managing your account is even easier with these services

Get your money faster.

Instant access to your paycheque or pension with no holds on your money.
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Direct Deposit

Avoid unexpected cash shortfalls

Avoid unexpected cash shortfalls.

With overdraft protection3(opens new window), you're covered against temporary cash shortages - now that's peace of mind.

Save money easily.

Make saving automatic with
Transfer Service

Save with every debit card purchase when you
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