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3 reasons to know your net worth

  1. For an accurate picture. Consolidating the amount of all your debts and all your assets in one place will give you a better overall understanding of your financial health.
  2. For an action plan. Seeing your assets and liabilities on paper can suggest where you need to focus attention. For example, you may realize a consolidation loan will streamline debt and save you money. Or you might decide to consolidate your bank accounts for greater simplicity and cost effectiveness.
  3. For financial empowerment. You may be able to use the information to your benefit. If you're thinking about buying a home, for example, bringing an up-to-date list of your assets will not only aid the mortgage application process, it may help you get a better interest rate by ensuring the lender is aware of your good financial health.

Discover how taking stock of your financial picture can help.

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