Add Credit Card Cardholders

Request an Authorized User Card

When you add an Authorized User1 to your TD Credit Card Account, they share in the same purchasing convenience you do. Authorized Users get their own credit card — with no credit approval required.2

How to request an Authorized User Card online:

1. Log in to EasyWeb

2. Select the Card that you would like
to add an Authorized User

3. Choose Add an Authorized User Card on lefthand navigation

Log in to EasyWeb



7:00am - 12:00 EDT

Or outside Canada & U.S.
call collect 416-307-7722

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Please note: There may be additional costs associated with adding an Authorized User, depending on your TD Credit Card.

Get Additional Cards for your employees

Now that you have a TD Business Credit Card for your business you can get Additional Cards 2,3 for your employees and increase the efficiency of your business spending by not having to rely on cash.

Please note: An annual fee for each Additional Cardholder applies.

You remain in control of business spending and can set limits on each Additional Card Account opened for each employee.
Convenient monthly reports allow you to monitor spending on all Credit Card Accounts opened for your business.

How to request an Additional Card for your employees:

To add an Additional Cardholder visit your local branch to make a request. We’ll be happy to help.

Visit a branch

1The Primary Cardholder remains liable for all charges to the Account, including those made by any Authorized User.
2 Your Account must be open and in good standing.
3 Business and Business Owner(s) are responsible for all transactions made on all Accounts issued in the name of the business including those made by Additional Cardholders.

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