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For reference, the eDocuments Agreement - Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents is presented below. Before you begin to view your Statements and Trade confirmations in eDocuments, you must agree to these terms and conditions.

eDocuments Agreement
Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents

To: TD Investment Services Inc. ("TDIS")
I have read and understand this "consent to electronic Delivery of Documents" can consent to the electronic delivery of the documents listed below, in lieu of receiving such documents by mail, all in accordance with the instructions below.

Explanations of Electronic Delivery

I consent to electronic delivery of account statements, trade confirmations and other documents as they become available (collectively, "Documents"). TDIS will notify me by Email when Documents are ready for viewing. I acknowledge that I will have on-line access to the Documents and that TDIS will notify by Email when documents are ready for viewing. Trade confirmations will be posted for 45 days. Account statements will be available for a period of up to 9 months. Other documents will be replaced, as newer versions become available. I will then be able to retrieve the Documents through the "eDocuments" link in EasyWeb.

I understand that I will be provided with a paper copy of any Documents delivered electronically if electronic delivery fails.

Customer Responsibilities

I further acknowledge that I am solely responsible for retrieving and viewing the Documents after being alerted by Email at the address (es) noted above. I am responsible for informing TDIS of any changes to my Email addresses. Updated to my profile may be done through the "eDocuments" link in EasyWeb. Any amendments to Email address (es) will continue to be governed by the terms in this consent.

I acknowledge that I am not required to consent to electronic delivery of Documents and that by electing to receive the Documents electronically; I will no longer receive them by regular mail. However, I may receive, at no cost, a paper copy of Documents delivered electronically, by contacting TDIS by telephone, regular mail or electronic mail.

Technical Requirements

To ensure secure transmission of customer information, 128-bit encryption technology is used. Firewalls and other security measures have also been put in place for security.

I can view Statements and Trade Confirmations in PDF format. I will download Adobe Acrobat software on my Personal Computer ("PC") to view statements in PDF format. No other special software is required to access, view or print these documents.

Revoking this Understanding

I have the option of revoking this consent through eDocuments by selecting to deregister from this service. TDIS may use this opportunity to get feedback from me on eDocuments.