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Description Code Reference Guide

Below is a list of description codes which may appear on your monthly TD Canada Trust bank statement or passbook. If you should have any questions regarding a transaction, please call EasyLine at 1-866-222-3456.

Click Tax Payment & Filing for specific tax payment description codes.

Description Codes Description  Description Codes Description
ACR Automated Credit  ADM Automated Debit
ADR Authorized Debit  AGR Agriculture Stabilization
AID Automatic Interest  ANN Annuity
APM Authorized/Automated Payment  APY Automated Payroll
CB Cashback  CC Certified Cheque
CCQ Customer Cheques  CDC Canadian Dairy Commission
CFS Canadian Forces Superannuation  CHQ Cheque
CLS Close Account  CM Credit Memo
COR Correction  CPC CPC Direct Deposit
CPN Coupon Credit  CPP CPP Direct Deposit
CRC Credit Correction  CSB Canada Savings Bond
CTB Child Tax Benefit  DEL Debit Deletion
DEP Deposit  DIV Dividend
DM Debit Memo  DRC Debit Correction
FA Family Allowance Direct Deposit  FED General Government Payment
FSC Foreign ABM S/C  FWD Forward
GC TD Canada Trust Access Card Transaction (Other Branch)  GMD Green Machine Deposit
GMP Green Machine Bill Payment  GMT Green Machine Transfer
GMW Green Machine Withdrawal  GST Goods and Services Tax
ICR Interest Credit  IDR Interest Debit
INS Insurance Payment  INW Interac Withdrawal
LCR Loan Proceeds  LDR Loan Payment
LIN Loan Interest  MLD Mail Deposit
MTG Mortgage Payment  NRT Non-Resident Tax
NSF NSF Charge  OAS Old Age Security Direct Deposit
ODC Overdraft Charge  PAY Payroll Credit/Wages
PEN Pension  P/C Purchase/Cashback
PR Purchase/Return  PSA Public Service Superannuation
PSC Purchase Service Charge  PTC Personal Transfer Credit
PTD Personal Transfer Debit  PTS Personal Transfer
PUR Purchase  PW Plus ABM Withdrawal
REO Re-Open Account, Close Account Correction  RIF RIF Deposit
RTD Returned Cheque  RSP RSP Contribution
SC Service Charge  SDB Safety Deposit Box Rent
SK Safekeeping Charge  TAX Tax Refund
TCR Transfer Credit  TRM Term Investment
UCN Unclaimed Balance Notice  UI Unemployment Insurance
UGM US Dollar GM Withdrawal  UPD Update
VW Visa ABM Withdrawal  WD Withdrawal
WHT Withholding Tax  WTC Debit Reversal Correction
WTR Withholding Tax Reversal  WVA War Veteran's Allowance Direct Deposit

Tax Payment & Filing Description Codes


Tax Payment Type  Description Code
Payroll deductions - Threshold 1 - Twice monthly (source deductions $15M - $50M monthly)  EMPTX
Payroll deductions - Threshold 2 - Weekly (source deductions over $50M monthly  EMPTX
Payroll deductions - Monthly   EMPTX
Corporate Tax   TXINS
Personal Tax Installments  TXINS
GST Return (GST34)   GST34
GST Remittance (GST58)   GST58

Tax Payment Type  Description Code
Alberta Teachers' Retirement Payment  ATRF
Alberta Teachers' Association Payment  ATA
Alberta School Employee Benefit Payment  ASEBP
Alberta School Employee Health Spending Account  ASEHS

PROVINCIAL - British Columbia
Tax Payment Type  Description Code
Social Service Tax (Provincial Sales Tax)   BCSST

PROVINCIAL - Nova Scotia
Tax Payment Type  Description Code
Workers' Compensation Board  WCBNS

Tax Payment Type  Description Code
Family Responsibility Office, Ministry of the Attorney General  MAG
Employer Health Tax  ONEHT
Provincial Corporations Tax  ONCT
Retail Sales Tax (return)  ONRST
Retail Sales Tax (payment)  ONRST

Tax Payment Type  Description Code
Combined Sales Tax and GST (TVQ & TPS)  TXIN
Combined Sales Tax and GST Installment  DECOR
Corporate Installment Remittance  GSTIN
GST Installment   GST
GST Remittance  PAY
Payroll Source Deductions - Monthly  PAY
Payroll Source Deductions - Twice monthly   PAY
Payroll Source Deductions - Weekly  COREC
Personal Installment Remittance   TXIN
Sales Tax Installment (QST)  QSTIN
Sales Tax Remittance (TVQ)  TVQAP
Support Payments  RPPAQ
Remittance of Source Deductions (Quarterly)  PAY

PROVINCIAL - Saskatchewan
Tax Payment Type  Description Code
Provincial Sales Tax   SKTAX
Corporate Capital Tax Installment  SKCOR
Fuel Tax   SKFUL
Liquor Consumption Tax  SKLQR
Retailer Tobacco Tax   SKTOB
Wholesale Tobacco Tax  SKTOB