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Immediate tax savings
Power of compounding and dollar-cost-averaging
Type of plans and account options

Environics Research studies show that many Canadians have not taken the necessary steps to ensure an enjoyable retirement. Almost half of working Canadians do not know how much money they will need, or in fact, believe they will not have enough money to retire comfortably.

Give your employees the tools they need to build a secure future today.

By offering your employees the opportunity to participate in TD Future Builder, you are giving them the tools and support they need to help them build the future they envision for themselves. This includes assistance and information at any branch in our nation-wide TD Canada Trust network.

Immediate tax savings start with the first deposit

TD Future Builder provides your employees with immediate and long-term advantages starting with their first deposit.
When employees invest in a Group Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) through payroll deductions, they receive an immediate tax deferral. It's like getting a tax refund on every pay instead of at the end of the year.

The power of compounding and dollar-cost-averaging

The immediate tax advantage of payroll deposits means more money goes to work faster and has more time to compound. It also means employees can take advantage of dollar-cost-averaging, purchasing investments throughout the year in a more cost-effective manner.

Type of plans and account options


TD Future Builder offers you the choice of three simple account options for your employees. Based on the options you select, employees can choose just one account or any combination of accounts.

  1. Group Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) Account
  2. Spousal RSP Account

Investment Options

We know that every employee is unique, each with their own distinctive goals and a preferred path to achieve them. For this reason, several investment options are available to meet these unique needs in planning for retirement. TD Future Builder offers TD Mutual Funds under its Group Retirement Savings Plan, into which payroll contributions are made.

If your employees are interested in a broader selection of investments, TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. individual investment options may be set up to receive transfers from their Future Builder accounts. This account will be separate and distinct from the TD Future Builder Group Retirement Savings Plan.

Through TD Waterhouse Canada Inc., employees can manage their investment portfolio using a self-directed approach or full-service solution with the assistance of an investment professional.

Investment services offered through TD Waterhouse include:

Please note minimal accounts balances and annual account administration fee may be applicable on TD Waterhouse accounts.

Your TD Future Builder representative can help you determine if these options fit with your company objectives for the Plan.

For more information on TD Future Builder complete the online form today. A TD Future Builder representative will contact you to discuss the advantages of TD Future Builder and answer all your questions.

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