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Agriculture Services

Long Term Farm Loan

Agriculture loans provide flexible, medium to long term loans aimed at helping full and part-time farmers finance capital assets or improve the economic viability of an existing farm operation.

  • A Long Term Farm Loan1 may allow you to:
    • finance expansion or acquisition of farm land,
    • purchase farm equipment,
    • renovate or construct farm buildings,
    • improve farmland,
    • acquire quota, or
    • restructure existing capital.
    • supplement your farm’s energy use with power from renewable sources
  • Floating and fixed rate loans are offered in terms from 6 months to 5 years (up to 10 years upon request, some restrictions may apply). Payments may be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually
  • Interest is compounded semi-annually.
  • Amortization periods are up to 25 years on new land purchases and 15 years for other purchases.
  • A 10% prepayment is permitted annually on fixed rate loans.


  • $25,000 and up.

Please contact us if you want more information or want to apply for a Long Term Farm Loan.