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Precious Metals

Precious metals: Easy to buy, valuable to own

Whether you are looking for that special gift or a convenient way to invest in precious metals, we make it easy for you. Have confidence in your purchase; buy from a trusted financial institution at competitive prices.

Why precious metals?

  • A unique and valuable gift to mark any special occasion
  • A way to diversify your portfolio
  • An investment that helps protect against inflation
  • An investment that’s recognized around the world

It’s easy to buy and sell

  • At any TD Canada Trust branch:
  • Through TD Wealth
  • Select products available onsite at our Foreign Exchange Centres

Brampton - 7685 Hurontario St S (Branch #0136)

Edmonton - Unit 1057,West Edmonton Mall, 8882 170 St NW (Branch #8255)

Ottawa - 45 O'Connor Street (Branch #0354)

Toronto - Concourse Level, 55 King St. West (Branch #1008)

Vancouver - 700 W Georgia Pacific Centre (Branch #9400)

Choice of products

These real, tangible assets are offered in gold and silver, with a metallic composition of 99.99% (gold) and 99.9% (silver). Competitive pricing (quoted in US$) is driven by market rates. Every bar is stamped by a trusted and globally recognized assayer and refiner.

Weight options:

Gold Bars Gold bars
  • 1 oz.
  • 5 oz.
  • 10 oz.
  • 400 oz.
  • ½ kg. (16.074 oz)
  • 1 kg. (32.148 oz.)
Silver Bars Silver bars:
  • 1 oz.
  • 100 oz.
  • 1,000 oz.

The minimum investment for gold bullion is 1 oz. and 25 oz. for silver bullion.1

1 Smaller investments for silver bullion may be available at our Foreign Exchange Centres.

Gold coins

We offer Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Gold Maple Leaf Coins with a $50 face value and a metallic composition of 99.99%. Competitive pricing (quoted in US$) is driven by market rates.

Silver coins

We offer Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Silver Maple Leaf Coins with a $5 face value; one of the purest 1 oz. silver coins in the world at 0.9999 fine silver.

The minimum investment for gold coins is 1 oz. and 25 oz. for silver coins.1

1 Smaller investments for silver coins may be available at our Foreign Exchange Centres.


Certificates allow you to own gold or silver without taking possession of the actual bars or coins and can be a more convenient option for purchasing larger volumes of precious metals. The certificates can be bought and sold at any TD Canada Trust branch or through a TD Wealth account. When purchasing a certificate through TD Canada Trust, you have the option of redeeming for cash or a conversion into physical bars.1

The minimum investment for certificates is 1 oz. for gold and 100 oz. for silver.

1 Based on availability; and may be subject to additional fees.


Have a few questions?

We’ve provided answers to some of the most common questions you may have about purchasing precious metals.

  • Where can I buy and sell precious metals?

    TD Canada Trust customers can purchase or sell gold and silver coins, bullion and certificates by visiting any TD Canada Trust branch. Electronic certificates can be purchased and sold through TD Wealth.

  • How are precious metals priced?

    We offer competitive pricing of precious metals that is driven by market rates and is quoted in US dollars. You have the option of paying for your precious metals in US dollars or in Canadian dollars. Current foreign exchange rates will apply.1 Payments can be made through your TD Canada Trust or TD Wealth account.

  • Do taxes apply to precious metals?

    You will be required to claim a capital gain or capital loss if you decide to sell your precious metals back to TD Canada Trust. At that point, you will be issued a T5008 and/or RL18, based on your residency. You will be required to calculate and claim the capital gain or capital loss earned from the sale of your precious metals on your annual tax return.

  • What is the difference between owning coins or bullion and owning precious metals certificates?

    Having possession of the physical precious metal (bullion and coins) is a great option if you would like to tangibly see and handle your investment. There are no requirements for transfer of ownership, so bullion and coins can easily be passed on to friends and family or gifted for a special occasion.

    Certificates can be easier to store and may provide a cost-effective alternative to holding large volumes of precious metals. All certificates are fully backed by TD Bank, a trusted financial institution. They can only be redeemed by the customer whose name is on the certificate. Transfer of ownership would require the customer to visit a TD Canada Trust branch or ask their TD Wealth Advisor to reissue the certificate in the alternate name.

1 Additional shipping, commission and taxes may apply at the time of purchase. Safekeeping charges apply on all certificates and are charged in US$ on an annual basis.