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TD Canada Trust helps you find the
right GIC for every savings goal

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TD Cashable GICs & Term Deposits

Cashable GICs and Term Deposits give you the security of a guaranteed rate with the flexibility of an early cashing option.

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TD Canada Trust Non-Cashable GICs & Term Deposits

Non-cashable GICs can be an excellent choice for investors who are able to lock in their funds for a specific period of time. They are well suited to an investment strategy of
laddered maturities.*

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TD Canada Trust Market Growth GICs

Like traditional GICs, Market Growth GICs offer you the peace of mind of 100% principal protection, while taking advantage of the higher return potential of
the stock market.

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TD Canada Trust Foreign Currency GICs & Term Deposits

Foreign Currency GICs and Term Deposits1 are secure investments for your foreign funds that can earn interest at a guaranteed rate. They allow you to spread your dollars
among some of the world’s strongest currencies, while earning interest at a guaranteed rate.

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Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) and Term Deposits are a safe way to save money because your initial investment (principal) is protected. And depending on the type of GIC you choose, you may earn a guaranteed rate of return for the term of your investment.

What are the benefits of TD GICs and Term Deposits?

Safety and security

Your original investment and interest payments are guaranteed.

Flexible terms

Terms range from 30 days to five years.

Eligible for non-registered and registered investment plans

GICs are available in non-registered and registered accounts (RSP, RESP, RIF and TFSA). Term Deposits are available in non-registered and registered accounts (TFSA).

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1 Foreign Currency Term Deposits are not offered within an RSP; are not an insured deposit as defined by CDIC and are fully guaranteed by TD Bank Financial Group. Foreign Currency Term Deposits are subject to foreign exchange risk as the underlying currency may appreciate or depreciate during the investment term.

* Laddering strategies can be ideal for shorter time horizons too. The key is to spread out your investments and maximize your return over your preferred time horizon.