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Home Valuation

How to get a
home valuation

There are various methods you can use to determine the estimated current value of your home. One or more of these approaches may be best for your situation.

On-site inspection by a qualified real estate professional

Many realtors will provide you with a recommended selling price based on recent sales activity in your market. This can be one of the easiest ways to get a ballpark estimate of your home’s value based on the location and condition of your home.

Professional appraisal

For a fee, you can engage the services of a professional appraiser. Be sure to confirm that you are hiring an appraiser who is designated, licensed or certified, and meets qualification standards in your province.

Online valuation tools

Many online real estate services now track real estate sales and offer daily updates on estimated property values.

What to do with the information

Once you determine an estimated value of your home, you’ll be able to calculate your home equity. Consider using your home equity to finance some of your other financial goals, such as renovations or travel.

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