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Today's Mortgage Rates1

Fixed Rate Mortgages1


Get security knowing your interest rate won't increase over the term you select.

1 year fixed


2 year fixed


3 year fixed


4 year fixed

3.89% 2.39%

5 year fixed

4.54% 2.59%

6 year fixed


7 year fixed


10 year fixed



A short term mortgage with the option to convert to a longer term closed mortgage.

6 month



Flexibility to repay your mortgage principal amount at any time without charge.

1 year


Variable Rate Mortgages4,5

Get a low variable rate that changes when TD Mortgage Prime Rate changes.

TD Mortgage Prime is 2.70%

5 year Closed


APR2,6 2.60%

5 year Open


APR2,6 3.70%

TD Home Equity FlexLine

Combine the flexibility of a revolving line of credit with the stability of a Term Portion.

Term Portion Revolving Portion
Put all, or a portion, of the outstanding balance in the Revolving Portion into a Term Portion and establish regular payments. You may choose a fixed rate to protect yourself from rate increases, or a variable rate if you're comfortable with fluctuating interest rates. Enjoy competitive rates based on TD Prime Rate.
You can make monthly interest-only payments or pay as much as you want without prepayment charges.

TD Mortgage Prime is 2.70%

Effective Date July 17, 2015

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