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Thinking of buying a home? You’ve come to the right place.We’ll take you through the home buying experience in this visual snapshot — from helping you decide on a house or a condominium, to how to save for a down payment, and to help you choose the mortgage that is most comfortable for you.


House Typically involves more work…you’re responsible for handling all the maintenance.


House You may need to arrange for outdoor maintenance if travelling.


House You may need to invest in home security but it could lower your insurance premiums.

Starting a family

House You may have more outdoor space and larger property.


Condo Typically requires less work since you may not be responsible for shoveling snow or cutting the grass.


Condo You can “lock and leave” when on vacation.


Condo Building security may be included in your condominium fees.

Starting a family

Condo A condominium may provide everything you need, but nowadays finding a condominium with more than two bedrooms can be tricky.


Will that be a house or condominium?

There are advantages to each. It all depends on what’s
the better fit for your lifestyle and plans for the future.

Mortgage Basics

Our short videos help you get started on your journey to home ownership:

Flexible mortgage feature:

Take a Payment Vacation
or a Payment Pause.

Making a down payment:

High ratio mortgage vs
a conventional mortgage

Closed vs open mortgages:

Which mortgage works
for you?

Fixed rate or variable rate?

Which rate option works
for you?

How much home can I afford?

Our quick and easy calculator will help you figure it out!

Am I making enough money to own a home?


Should I rent instead of buy?


How long will I have a mortgage?


Let us help you
figure it out

Quickly determine your
price range so you can
shop with confidence.

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Ready to get started?

Open or closed? Fixed interest rate or variable interest rate? Ready to start the pre-approval process? Our TD Mobile Mortgage Specialists can help you explore your options and choose the mortgage that is most comfortable for you.


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First Time Home Buyers

Now that you’ve taken the visual tour and familiarized yourself with the basics, it’s time to take the next step in your home buying journey and start the pre-approval process.

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