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What to Expect When Applying

Expectations when
applying for a mortgage

A TD Mortgage Specialist can guide you through the process of applying for your mortgage. You’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing that you’re taking the right steps, at the right time. As a first time home buyer, here are some items you should take into consideration for your home buying journey and the mortgage application process.

Get a pre-approval

Make an appointment with a TD Mortgage Specialist to discuss a mortgage pre-approval. TD Mobile Mortgage Specialists will work around your schedule and will gladly visit you at home for added convenience.

A pre-approval1 will help you determine the maximum amount of money that you may be able to borrow for your first home. We are committing to a specific term and interest rate for the pre-approval.

There are several advantages to taking this step early.

  • You'll know how much you can afford
  • You'll know what your interest rate will be (guaranteed to 90 days)
  • You'll be in a good position to make an offer when you find the right home
  • There's no obligation or cost to you

1. Some conditions apply.

Expand Mortgage Default Insurance

If you'll be putting less than 20% down on the purchase of you home, you will be required to pay for mortgage default insurance.

  • The amount of the premium will depend on the amount you are borrowing and the percentage of your own down payment
  • Typical fees range from 0.5% - 2.9% of the loan amount of your mortgage
  • You may add this fee to your mortgage amount, or pay it in full with cash up front when you close

For more information visit Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) or Genworth Canada

Expand Legal or Notary fees and disbursement

You should involve a lawyer or notary during the purchase process. You are responsible for paying their fees and disbursements.

Your lawyer or notary may:

  • Review the Offer to Purchase
  • Search the title of the home
  • Complete the mortgage documents
  • Register the relevant closing documents

Expand Land Transfer Tax required for change of ownership

There may be land transfer taxes payable when you buy a home. This amount is usually based on a percentage of the purchase price of the property and varies from location to location.

Expand Property/Fire insurance is a must

You will be required to have proof of insurance for your mortgage lender effective at the time you legally take possession of your new home.

  • This insurance must at least cover the replacement value of the home, and contents
  • Some insurance companies may require evidence of a home inspection before insuring certain types of dwellings

Expand A property survey

A survey is a document that specifies the exact size and boundary of your property, as well as the location of the building on the property and the type and size of the building including additions, if any.

If you are planning on doing any building - such as constructing a fence, deck, or adding on to your new home - a survey will help you know the boundaries you need to work within.

Expand Have a home inspection

During a home inspection, a qualified professional will look over your potential new home, and outline any repairs that may be required.

  • These may be minor or major areas of concern
  • They may be immediate requirements, or things to be mindful of for the future
  • You may be able to use the results of the inspection to negotiate some price changes in the purchase price.

Expand Valuation fees

For all mortgages, a valuation of the property is required before finalizing your mortgage and the cost for this will be determined by your lender.

Expand Closing Adjustment

Certain property expenses that the seller may have prepaid on your new home may need to be reimbursed by you before the sale is finalized. The cost of these expenses will vary. They may include:

  • Municipal property tax
  • Utilities, such as heating, hydro and water
  • Condo maintenance fees, if applicable

Expand Status Certificate

If you are purchasing a condominium, this certificate outlines a condominium corporation's financial and legal state of affairs and you may be asked to provide a copy of this document when you apply for your mortgage.

Fees for this certificate may vary.


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