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Formerly known as Interac Email Money Transfer, Interac e-Transfer is the same simple, convenient and secure way to send and receive money directly from one bank account to another.

Splitting the bill in a restaurant? Chipping in on a gift? Use Interac e-Transfers for everyday situations— anytime, anywhere.

Setting up Interac e-Transfers is simple and fast. In just four easy steps, you can start sending Interac e-Transfers right away. Send money on-the-go from your smartphone with the TD mobile app.

Transfer quickly

  • With Interac e-Transfers you don't have to wait until you see someone to give them money.
  • Send money to a student in a pinch, or to an out-of-town relative—all at the click of a button.

Make your life easier

  • Organize your finances on your time. Interac e-Transfers make it easier than ever to distribute and collect money.
  • Forgot cash? Contributing to a group gift? Paying back friends has never been easier.
  • Pay for everyday services such as housekeeping, home repairs, babysitting, dog-walking.
  • Send Interac e-Transfers from your smartphone, wherever you are, with the TD mobile app.

Transfer with peace of mind

  1. Register for EasyWeb. All you need is an account with EasyWeb access. Not yet registered? Sign up today.
  2. Register for Interac e-Transfers. In EasyWeb, select "Payment and Transfers" from the top menu. Click Interac e-Transfer in the left nav bar. Register by providing your name and email address.
  3. Add Recipient. Get the email address of the recipient and make sure they have a personal bank account at a participating Canadian financial institution1.
  4. Send. Login to EasyWeb or the TD mobile app. Follow the instructions to send an Interac e-Transfer. The recipient will receive email notification that the money is ready to be deposited into their bank account. You will receive an email notification once the deposit is complete.
    To send an Interac e-Transfer, the fee is $1.502. To receive and deposit an Interac e-Transfer online through a participating Canadian financial institution, it is free3.

You can relax knowing the transfer takes place with the same level of security and confidentiality as every EasyWeb banking transaction.
For more information on Interac e-Transfer service, click here.