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TD Platinum Travel Visa* Card


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The TD Platinum Travel Visa Card gives you the flexibility to book your trip your way and comes with a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 TD Points1.

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  • Fees: Annual $99 - Authorized User Cards3 $50
  • Interest: Purchases 19.99% p.a. - Cash Advances 22.99% p.a.

Is this card right for you?

A good choice if:

  • You want to earn a Welcome Bonus of 15,000 TD Points upon approval (that’s worth $75 towards any travel)1
  • You want access to valuable travel-related coverage
  • You want the flexibility of no travel blackouts4, no seat restrictions4 and no expiry5 for travel rewards

Before you apply let's make sure you are eligible.

To qualify for this card you must:

  • Have a minimum annual gross household income of $60,000 or an annual gross personal income of $35,000.
  • Be a Canadian citizen
    New to Canada? TD offers banking products for newcomers!
  • Have reached the Age of Majority in your province or territory. ?
    Province/Territory Age of Majority
    Alberta 18
    British Columbia 19
    Manitoba 18
    New Brunswick 19
    Newfoundland & Labrador 19
    North West Territories 19
    Nova Scotia 19
    Nunavut 19
    Ontario 18
    Prince Edward Island 18
    Quebec 18
    Saskatchewan 18
    Yukon Territories 19

Are you a student? TD has credit cards to help meet your needs.

Additional card details:

  • A Credit Limit of $5,000 may apply.
  • Also available as a secured TD Credit Card. ?

    A secured TD Credit Card is a TD Credit Card that is secured by funds you deposit with us. The credit limit established for your Card will depend, among other things, on the amount of your deposit. We hold the money you deposit as security for the Card.

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It’s easy to earn and redeem TD Points

How to earn TD Points

Earn 3 TD Points

  • for every $1 you spend on Purchases using your Card (equivalent to a 1.5% return on your purchase)2.

Earn 4 TD Points

  • when you book travel over the phone through either Expedia® For TD or the TD Travel Rewards Centre (that’s a 2% return on your travel purchases!)2.

Earn 6 TD Points

  • when you book travel online through Expedia® For TD (that’s a 3% return on your travel purchases!)2.

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How to redeem TD Points


Book and redeem with ease through Expedia For TD

Go to and book online through Expedia For TD or call 1-877-222-6492 to book your trip with TD Points.


Book and redeem with The TD Travel Rewards Centre

You can also choose to book and redeem with The TD Travel Rewards Centre at 1-855-236-2300.


Or choose your travel provider

Purchase your trip or travel-related expenses (accommodation, car rentals, park passes, etc.) anywhere you find a travel deal – directly from any airline or through a travel agency – and redeem your TD Points within 90 days of your travel purchase online through or by calling 1-800-983-8472.


Calculate how many TD Points you could earn in your first year

Move the slider to the approximate amount of credit card purchases you currently make each month.

Monthly spend

Based on an approximate monthly spend of $ in one year you could earn
TD Points (including Welcome Bonus*) = $ value**
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Enjoy platinum coverage anywhere in the world

The TD Platinum Travel Visa Card has valuable travel-related Insurance coverage like Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance7,8 and Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance7,9.

Ways to Apply

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Apply online

Complete your application in less than 10 minutes.

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Apply for a secured card

Secured credit cards can be a great way to help rebuild your credit.
Locate your local TD Canada Trust branch where you can find out more.

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Establish your credit

If you are new to Canada a Credit Card can be a great way to help establish your credit.
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Travel Medical Insurance available for purchase10

Enjoy the security that comes with Travel Medical Insurance. When you're on a trip, the last thing you want to be concerned about is your medical coverage. Going out of province or country, Travel Medical Insurance covers you for eligible medical expenses so you can enjoy your trip. Choose between Annual Plan coverage (the best value for frequent travellers) which includes Trip Interruption and Trip Cancellation coverages, or Per Trip coverage for occasional travellers.

Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance7,9

You and your loved ones are automatically insured while travelling on a common carrier (train line, bus line, taxicab, cruise ship) whenever you charge the full cost of your transportation to your eligible TD Visa Card.

Emergency Travel Assistance Service11

  • Medical referrals, consultation, monitoring and transportation to another medical facility, or medical payment assistance.
  • Legal referrals and bail bond assistance.
  • Emergency cash transfers (up to your available credit limit), transportation, replacement tickets and travel documents.

Delayed and Lost Baggage Insurance7,8

  • You and your family are insured for up to $1,000 if your checked baggage is lost or delayed by more than six hours from the time of arrival at your final destination.
  • This includes the cost to replace essential items and the replacement cost of personal property that is not covered by the airline or other insurance if your checked baggage is never returned.

No-fee Travellers Cheques

  • American Express® Travellers Cheques are welcomed at establishments around the world.
  • As a TD Credit Cardholder, you're entitled to purchase any amount you need through participating TD Canada Trust branches - without paying the standard commission fees.

Priority Pass Membership Discount12

  • Travel like a VIP with a Priority Pass membership.
  • All TD Travel Credit Cardholders receive an annual discount on a Priority Pass membership, your key to 600 VIP airport lounges worldwide.

Auto Rental Collision/ Loss damage7,13

  • Use your eligible TD Visa Card to charge the full cost of a car rental and the Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance program will cover you at no additional cost.
  • This insurance coverage means you do not need to purchase the collision/loss damage insurance coverage offered by the car rental company.

Avis Rent-A-Car and Budget Rent-A-Car preferred rates14,15

  • When you need a vehicle for business or pleasure, you can save 5% to 25% off the lowest available discountable time and mileage retail rate on qualifying rentals.
  • This offer is valid at participating Avis® and Budget® locations worldwide when the rental is charged in full to your eligible TD Credit Card.

For these savings and to reserve your vehicle, visit

Avis Rent-A-Car

Budget Rent-A-Car

Optional TD Auto Club Membership16

Enjoy peace of mind on the road with:

  • Deluxe TD Auto Club Membership16 includes all the benefits of the Standard TD Auto Club Plan plus traffic accident towing, emergency transportation car rental, emergency accommodation and meals, hazardous weather services, and many other features.
          - $79 a year / $118 per couple
  • Standard TD Auto Club Membership16 includes Emergency Road Services such as roadside assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
          - $59 a year

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24-hour Cash Advance and Account access17

  • With your TD Credit Card, and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) obtained at any TD Canada Trust branch, you have access to instant Cash Advances, subject to your available credit limit, at over 1 million automated teller machines (ATMs) worldwide and TD Canada Trust branches.
  • You can call toll-free at 1-800-983-8472 whenever you want Account information or have questions regarding your TD Credit Card.
  • With your TD Credit Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN), you can also access your TD Credit Card Account balance and activity, make payments and withdrawals, and access your TD Canada Trust bank accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Pre-Authorized Payments

For added convenience after you open your TD Credit Card Account, you can arrange to have your TD Credit Card payments automatically withdrawn from your bank account at any Canadian financial institution. Simply choose whether you want to make your Minimum Payment or pay your balance in full each month and your payment will be withdrawn from your personal chequing or savings account on the Payment Due Date.

Balance Transfers19

  • You can use our balance transfer services to consolidate your debts from other non-TD Credit Cards, quickly and easily to your TD Credit Card.
  • Just transfer the balance from your other non-TD Credit Cards to your TD Credit Card in real time.
  • By doing this you can keep track of your expenses with one monthly payment as opposed to multiple payments.

For more information, visit us at your nearest TD Canada Trust branch.

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CardAssist Card Registry Service18

  • Once enrolled with CardAssist, one call is all it takes if your Cards are lost or stolen.
  • As soon as your call is received, CardAssist will contact each card-issuing institution, cancel the Cards on your behalf and request replacement Cards.
  • You can call any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Chip & PIN technology

  • TD Visa Cards with Chip and PIN technology provide an added level of security through the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN).
  • A required PIN makes it much more difficult for unauthorized users to copy or access the information on your TD Credit Card.

Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Protection7,8

  • If an item you purchased in full with your TD Credit Card is stolen or damaged within 90 days, it may be replaced, repaired or you may be reimbursed for it.
  • If the item comes with a manufacturer's warranty, you may be entitled to double the warranty period by up to 12 additional months.

Emergency Cash Advances17

  • You can ask for an emergency Cash Advance in an amount determined by the type of TD Visa Card you have (subject to your available credit limit).
  • Get up to $500 for the TD Platinum Travel Card

Verified by Visa*

Verified by Visa provides you with increased security and convenience when you shop online.

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New to Canada?

If you arrived in Canada within the last two years, TD offers credit cards in addition to a banking package which includes the ability to apply for a credit card without having Canadian credit history.