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TD Rebate Rewards Visa Card




We are no longer issuing new TD Rebate Rewards Visa Cards. The information described here is soley for existing TD Rebate Rewards customers.

Enjoy all the benefits of a credit card with cash back

The Rebate Rewards Visa Card is the no-fee, cash back credit card that gives you cash back on your everyday purchases with your annual rebate. Every time you use your no-fee Rebate Rewards Visa Card to make purchases¹, you'll earn a cash rebate of up to 1% of the amount of the purchases charged to your cash back card. The more you use your Rebate Rewards Visa Card, the more money you get back.

  • Earn a 0.5% cash reward on the first $3,000 in net annual purchases charged to your Card
  • Earn a 1% cash reward on your net annual purchases over $3,000 (to a maximum annual purchase limit of $25,000)

For example, if net annual purchases on your cash back credit card total $10,000, you will earn a cash reward of $85 ($15 for the first $3,000 in purchases and $70 for the additional $7,000.) That's $85 you have earned just from using your Card for everyday purchases. And there's no annual fee to pay.


Receive your Cash Rebate every January

At the beginning of each year, your cash reward will be credited directly to your TD Rebate Rewards Visa Account. The amount of your cash reward will appear on your January statement so you'll know how much you earned for purchases charged to the Card in the previous year. Your monthly statements will show the total cash reward you've earned to date. Please remember that your Rebate Rewards Visa Account must be open and in good standing for you to receive your annual Cash Rebate.


Rebate Rewards Visa Card Included Benefits

Other Valuable Features & Benefits

² Benefits, features and coverages are subject to conditions, exclusions, limitations, changes and cancellation. Some benefits and coverages are only offered to the Primary Cardholder. Interest rate, fees and features are subject to change.

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