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Every minute of the day, a credit card or wallet filled with cards is lost or, worse, stolen. If it happens to you, there's the potential for fraudulent charges on your cards and the hassle of replacing them all.

That's when CardAssist Card Registry Service1 can help.

Once enrolled with CardAssist, one call is all it takes if your cards are lost or stolen. As soon as your call is received, CardAssist will contact each card-issuing institution, cancel the cards on your behalf and request replacement cards. You can call any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Document Registration -- CardAssist will keep a record of your important documents, pre-authorized payments and cellular telephone numbers
  • Emergency Cash and Airline Tickets -- CardAssist will wire you up to $1,0002 (subject to your available credit limit), or arrange airline tickets home should you be stranded without cards or cash
  • Nationwide Toll-Free Message Centre -- CardAssist will set up your own confidential 30-day voice mailbox, for you and others to access within Canada and the U.S. at no additional charge
  • Change of Address Notification -- CardAssist will send change of address notices to each of your card issuers, magazines to which you subscribe, and up to three friends or relatives
  • Date Reminder Service -- Register up to 12 important dates, anniversaries and birthdays and CardAssist will remind you of them ahead of time

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