How to save for your child’s education

Proud parents hugging their daughter at her graduation. The average undergraduate degree in 2009 cost just over $53,000 for a student living at home, and more than $80,000 for a student who lived away from home1.

That’s a lot of money, but as a parent, you would probably like your child to obtain a post-secondary education, and the brighter prospects that go with it. The good news is, you have time on your side to help make it possible. If you start saving now — even a modest amount each month — it will really make a difference to your child’s future.

And there are two government programs available to help you maximize your saving power.


It doesn’t matter how much or how little you are able to save — the important thing is to start early. Visit your TD Canada Trust Branch and talk to your TD Canada Trust advisor.

1TD Economics report, May 17, 2010: “Post-Secondary Education is a Smart Route to a Brighter Future for Canadians”.