EasyWeb makes tracking easier

If you’ve signed up for EasyWeb Internet banking, tracking your finances is convenient and easy. You can use EasyWeb to:

  • Send, request or receive money using Interac e-Transfer®.
  • Sort transactions by date, description or type of transaction.
  • View account history as far back as the past six months.
  • Rename your accounts to make tracking them easier.
  • View cheques that you’ve written.
  • View cheques that you’ve written.
  • Set up Autodeposit so money sent by Interac e-Transfer® can be automatically deposited into your chosen account2. No security question needed!
  • Keep track of payments or cash gifts sent with the Interac Email Money Transfer service.
  • Download data to a financial software program or spreadsheet to make budgeting easier.

Try using these features yourself. Log in to EasyWeb today!