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View Bills - Registration

To register for View Bills, all you need to do is confirm your mailing address and follow the simple instructions. In order to use the enhanced service and have access to the full range of documents available, you will have to go through a one-time process of connecting to your new or existing epost box.

Getting started with View Bills is easy!

Once your View Bills registration is complete, you can access the following screens:

Main - On the 'Main' screen, you will be provided with the total number of new bills, statements, and notices delivered to you as well as important announcements regarding the View Bills service.

Current Activity - 'Current Activity' is your View Bills "inbox" - it contains a summary of your new and/or unfilled documents, including the type, date received, status, mailer name, due date, minimum payment amount and total amount owing. From this screen, you can choose to view, pay and file your documents.

Past Activity - 'Past Activity' allows you to retrieve past documents that have been filed.

Company List - Using the 'Company List' menu, you can sign-up for new documents or review the details of your existing subscriptions.

Return to EasyWeb - You can return to the EasyWeb 'Payments & Transfers' menu by clicking on the 'Return to EasyWeb' tab.