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Make a Stop Payment

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This feature allows you to request a stop payment on a cheque or pre-authorized payment drawn on your account before it is processed. Please ensure that the cheque or pre-authorized payment has not already been paid by reviewing your Account Activity prior to requesting a Stop Payment. It is important that you read the disclaimer displayed on this screen before proceeding with your Stop Payment request.

Stop Payments - Cheques
Complete details: If both the mandatory and optional fields on this screen are completed, the Stop Payment fee is $10.00.
Partial details: If only the mandatory fields are completed on this screen, the Stop Payment fee is $15.00.

Stop Payments - Pre-Authorized Payments
The Stop Payment fee for all pre-authorized payments is $10.00.

Note: The Stop Payment fee will be automatically charged to the account on which the stop request was made. In the case of a Line of Credit account, the fee will be subject to all applicable interest charges.

Mandatory fields include: Account, Payee Name and Amount
Optional fields include: Date of Cheque, Cheque Number and Reason

To Make a Stop Payment, follow the steps below:

  1. Account - Select the Account from which the issued cheque or scheduled pre-authorized payment is to be debited.
  2. Payee Name - Enter the name of the person or business to whom the cheque or the pre-authorized payment is payable.
  3. Payment Type - The default payment type for stop payments is "Cheque". If you would like to request a stop payment for a pre-authorized payment, select the "Pre-authorized Payment" option.
  4. Amount - Enter the amount of the cheque or pre-authorized payment.
  5. Date of Cheque - Select the cheque issue date from the drop-down menu. This field is not required for stop payment requests for pre-authorized payments.

  6. (The cheque date cannot be stale-dated. For example: If today is June 22, 2004, the cheque cannot be dated prior to December 21, 2003.)
  7. Cheque Number - Enter the number of the cheque you are requesting to stop.
  8. Reason - Select the most applicable reason for placing a stop payment on the cheque or pre-authorized payment.
  9. Click 'Next' to verify the details of your request.

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