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Tax Payment & Filing

What is Tax Payment & Filing?

Tax Payment & Filing is a service provided to business customers to initiate tax payments such as payroll source deductions, GST, PST and HST payments and corporate income tax online1. For each payment, you will specify the amount, the recipient and the payment date. Your TD Canada Trust account will be debited for the amount specified and sent to the recipient on the specified payment date2.

Payments must be made before midnight (local time) one business day before the due date. Payments entered on the due date will be late and may be subject to government penalties.

If your payment is due on a weekend or holiday, the payment due date is the next business date. The payment must be entered before midnight (local time) on the day before the due date.

For example: If the payment is due on the 15th and the 15th is a Saturday, then the system will change the due date to the 17th (next business day). The new due date is the 17th and you have until midnight (local time) on the 16th to enter the payment.

How do I register?

The 'Need to Register?' will display your business name or Access Card number. Select 'Register Now' and complete the registration details.

How do I access Tax Payment & Filing?

The 'Pay/File Taxes for' will display your business name or Access Card number. Select 'Go to Tax Payment & Filing' and you will be see the Tax Payment & Filing Main Menu.

1 Some restrictions apply. See recipient list.
2 Subject to available funds in your account.