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My Accounts - Investing

My Accounts - Investing is a feature in TD CanadaTrust EasyWeb which allows you to do a variety of transactions such as view a summary of your personal investing account balances and small business TD Mutual Fund Accounts (if applicable), view investment account activity and details, view TD Mutual Fund prices, order TD Mutual Funds, purchase a GIC, manage your TD Mutual Fund Pre-Authorized Purchase Plans and open a new investment account. Further details on these features are below.

Accounts Summary

Your account summary in 'My Accounts - Investing' displays an integrated balance sheet of most of your TD Bank Financial Group investment holdings. The accounts listed on this page include all personal investment accounts in your name (single or joint account holder). From this page you may click on the accounts that are underlined in green to obtain your account activity and/or details If you have registered non-personal TD Mutual Funds for EasyWeb, these will display when you click My Accounts - Investing - Small Business. This summary will not display accounts for which you have Power of Attorney, Trading Authority or are the Contributor of a Spousal RRSP, as these accounts are owned by another TD Canada Trust account holder.

If your TD Canada Trust account does not display in your account summary, please contact TD Canada Trust at 1-866-222-3456.

Fund Prices
EasyWeb lets you view current TD Mutual Fund prices.

Order Mutual Funds
In EasyWeb you can place an order to Purchase, Redeem or Transfer within your TD Mutual Funds or eFunds account.

Purchase GIC
In EasyWeb, you can now purchase a TD CanadaTrust Guaranteed Investment Certificate(GIC) or Term Deposit without leaving your secure EasyWeb session.

Purchase Plans
In EasyWeb you can Add, Modify and/or Delete Pre-Authorized Purchase Plans for your TD Mutual Fund account.

Open New Account
EasyWeb now lets you open an account without leaving your secure session.