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My Accounts - View Accounts

GIC/Term Deposit Details

From the 'My Accounts - View Accounts' screen or 'My Accounts - Investing Personal' screens, simply click on a hyperlinked TD Canada Trust GIC or Term Deposit account to view your Account Details.

The Product refers to the specific GIC or Term Deposit product you have invested in with TD Canada Trust.

The company that offers the Product (eg. TD Mortgage Corporation).

The purchase amount of the investment.

Current Balance
The current value of the investment. This includes any compound interest (if applicable).

Issue Date
The date of purchase for the investment.

Maturity Date
The date on which the Issuer is obliged to pay you the principal and accrued interest for your investment.

Interest Rate
The rate of return to be paid on the investment which is established at the time of purchase.

Interest Payment
Interest payment instructions.

Maturity Instructions
Your instructions regarding the disposition of the investment upon maturity.

To view details or activity for another TD Canada Trust account, select the account from the drop-down menu and click 'OK'. To view details or activity for your TD Waterhouse accounts, click the account number from the View Accounts or Investing screens. For more information regarding your accounts please refer to the help pages on the applicable screens.