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My Accounts - View Accounts

Mortgage Details

From the 'My Accounts - View Accounts' screen or 'My Accounts - Investing' screens, simply click on the TD Canada Trust Mortgage hyperlink to view the details of your mortgage.

Mortgage Details

Principal Balance
Your current Principal Balance outstanding.

Accrued Interest
Any unpaid interest on your Principal Balance.

Current Balance
The Current Balance is your 'Principal Balance' + 'Accrued Interest'. This balance is effective on the current date.

Current Interest Rate
The interest rate you are paying on the Principal Balance

Maturity Date
The date that your mortgage is due for repayment or renewal.

Related Mortgages
This is the associated mortgage number(s) for your split-rate mortgage. This field does not display if the mortgage is not a split-rate mortgage.

Regular Payment Details

Payment Frequency
The frequency at which your regular payments are due.

Principal & Interest
The portion of your total payment amount which is applied toward the Principal and Interest on your Mortgage.

Property Tax
If you are paying your property tax as part of your regular mortgage payment, this represents the portion of the total payment that is paid to your property tax.

Mortgage Insurance
If you are paying Mortgage Insurance as part of your regular mortgage payment, this represents the portion of the total payment that is Mortgage Insurance. If you have Mortgage Insurance with TD CanadaTrust, but are paying your premiums separately, this field will indicate 'Separate Payment'.

Total Mortgage Payment
This field is your total regular mortgage payment made up of the Principal & Interest, Property Tax (if applicable) and Mortgage Insurance (if applicable).

To view details or activity for another TD Canada Trust account, select the account from the drop-down menu and click 'OK'. To view details or activity for your TD Waterhouse accounts, click the account number from the View Accounts or Investing screens. For more information regarding your accounts, please refer to the help pages on the applicable screens.