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Accounts Summary


Your account summary in 'My Accounts' is an integrated balance sheet of most of your TD Canada Trust holdings. The accounts listed on this page include all personal accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards and investment accounts in your name (single or joint account holders) if you are registered for EasyWeb. The accounts listed are grouped under three categories: Banking, Investing, and Credit.

Account summary will not display accounts for which you have Power of Attorney, Trading Authority or are the Contributor to a Spousal RRSP, as these accounts are owned by another TD Canada Trust account holder.


Your business account summary in 'My Accounts' will display all of the accounts that you are authorized to access for viewing and transacting. If you are authorized to full access you will see all business chequing accounts, loans, mortgages and investment accounts registered to your business. These accounts will be grouped under Banking, Investing and Credit. If you have limited access to the portfolio, you will see the accounts which are registered on your Business Access Card.

Please note that if you have a TD Business Visa, it can only be viewed in EasyWeb if you have a Business Access Card with limited access to your accounts. The Business Visa must be registered on your Business Access Card.

If your TD Canada Trust account does not display in your account summary, please contact TD Canada Trust at 1-866-222-3456.

From the My Accounts page, you may click on the accounts that are highlighted in green and underlined to retrieve your account activity. For example, click on Chequing account, to obtain the activity for that particular account. You will be presented with the last 10 days of account activity. If you wish to view more account information, simply select other available options from the drop-down menu.

Important Note for Joint Account Holders

Your account balance may not be up-to-date if a joint account holder completes a transaction while you are in your EasyWeb session. To update your account balance and transactions, simply log out of EasyWeb and log back in to receive the updated information.


One Account at a time: You can download your activity, one account at a time, to any of the financial management software packages (i.e. Quicken, Money) supported by EasyWeb. To download the activity for a particular account click on the checkbox in the Download column next to the desired account. Then at the bottom of the page select the software package to which you want to export the data. The default period for downloading from the account summary page will be since your last download to a maximum of the last 45 days. All transactions up to the close of the last business day will be exported.

Multiple download using Quicken and QuickBooks: If you are using Quicken or QuickBooks, you are able to download all your accounts in one easy step. From the account summary page, select all the accounts that have the Download checkboxes beside them. Go to the bottom of the page and select the Download to: box. The downloading default on the Account Summary page will be since your last download to a maximum of the last 45 days. All transactions to the close of the last business day will be exported.

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