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What type of accounts can I transfer funds To and From?

In EasyWeb, you can transfer funds FROM your:

In EasyWeb, you can transfer funds TO your:

Please note: if you wish to make a transfer To or From a TD Credit Card, the account's Current Available Credit will be updated immediately. The transaction will be posted to your TD Credit Card balance and Account Activity in 2 business days.

Transfers between a TD Credit Card account and the following accounts are not available in EasyWeb:

Important Note to Business Customers:

To transfer between all your business and all your personal accounts, you must be the owner/signing authority for both business and personal accounts. If you are unable to transfer between all your accounts, please visit your home branch.

If you are only authorized to transact on the accounts registered to your Business Access Card, you cannot transfer TO or FROM TD Direct Investing Accounts or USD Business accounts.

For information on how to transfer funds TO and FROM your TD Credit Card account in real-time, contact EasyLine at 1-866-222-3456.