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How do I delete a Payee from my Payee List?

If you no longer need to pay a particular Company or Personal Payee, then follow these steps to delete the Payee from your Payee List:

  1. Select My Accounts > Payments & Transfers from the top navigation menu.
  2. Select Modify Payee from the left sub-menu.
  3. Click Delete beside the name of the Payee you wish to delete. A screen will display asking you to review and approve your request to delete the Payee.
  4. If this is the Payee and account number you wish to delete, then click Finish. If it is not, click Back and you will return to the Modify Payee page.
  5. When you click Finish, a screen will display confirming that the Payee has been deleted from your Payee List.

Important instructions regarding pending payments to a payee you are about to delete from your Payee List.

Before deleting a payee from your Payee List, please delete any postdated or recurring payment(s) associated with that Payee.

Review your pending transactions to see if you have any outstanding transactions payable to the Payee you are about to remove from your Payee List.