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How do I make a Payment?

  1. Select My Accounts > Payments & Transfers from the top menu bar.
  2. Click Pay Bills Payments from the left sub-menu.
  3. A listing of your payees will be displayed for each Access Card you own
  4. Click the checkbox beside each payee registered to an Access Card, under the Select column, (Note: if you have more than one Access Card, you will be presented with a payee list for each Access Card.)
  5. Click on the Pay Selected Payee(s) button.

How do I make a recurring payment?

  1. Follow step 1 - 5 above on "How do I make a Payment?"
  2. From the 'Pay Bills Step 2' page, select 'recurring' (to replace 'one time).
  3. Complete all the necessary Payment fields.
  4. You have the option to select one of the following for your ending date: a specific month and day, after a number of payments, or only when you choose to cancel the recurring payment.

Note: If the payee you are looking for is not on your Payee List, or if your Payee List is blank, then you will need to 'Add a Company'; or 'Add a Personal Payee' (Add another TD Canada Trust Account).

Some EasyWeb business customers can only register payees at the branch. This is called Branch Registration. Please contact your Account Manager to add companies to your Payee list.

Note:  Personal Payments have a transaction limit of $5,000.00

How do I add a Company Payee to my Payee List?
How do I add a Personal Payee to my Payee List?
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