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Tips on navigation while in EasyWeb

We have designed a number of simple navigation buttons to guide you seamlessly through your transactions in EasyWeb. The navigation bar is displayed horizontally across the top of your screen.

There is a main navigation bar displayed horizontally across the top of your screen. Each option from the main horizontal menu (e.g. My Accounts has a second horizontal navigation bar (e.g. View Accounts, Payments & Transfers, Investing).

When an option is selected from the second horizontal navigation bar, the vertical left sub-menu will change (e.g. Customize Site, Pay Bills, Cancel Payments, Transfer). Select a function from the vertical left sub-menu and follow the instructions to complete your request.

The navigation items are highlighted to indicate the page that you are on.

You are also able to navigate through EasyWeb using the EasyWeb Quick Links, which allow you to access your most frequently used EasyWeb functions with one click. For more information on EasyWeb Quick Links, click here.

We recommend that you navigate using the horizontal and vertical menus provided, as well as the EasyWeb Quick Links, while you are logged into EasyWeb.

Note: Using the Back, Forward and Refresh buttons on your Browser may cause instability.