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Consent to the Collection, Use and/or Disclosure of Your Information

530774 - Consent to Collect, Use and/or Disclosure of your Information and the Additional Information and Disclosures for TD Aeroplan Cardholders

Consent to Collection, Use and/or Disclosure of your Information Agreement

Plus, for TD Aeroplan Card applicants only, an Additional Information and Disclosure Agreement

Consent to the Collection, Use and/or Disclosure of Your Information

The word "Information" means personal, financial and other details about you that you provide to us and we obtain from others outside TD, including through the products and services you use. The words "we", "us" and "our" mean TD Bank Group ("TD"). TD includes The Toronto-Dominion Bank and its world-wide affiliates, which provide deposit, investment, loan, securities, trust, insurance and other products or services. If you obtain a TD Credit Card product that offers insurance benefits, "we", "us" and "our" also mean the insurers who provide those benefits from time to time and their reinsurers.

You agree that, at the time you request to begin a relationship with us and during the course of our relationship, we may share your Information with our world-wide affiliates, and collect, use and disclose your Information as described in the Privacy Agreement on, including for, but not limited to, the purposes of: identifying you, providing you with ongoing service, helping us serve you better, protecting us both from fraud and error, complying with legal and regulatory requirements, and marketing products and services to you. We may communicate with you for any of these purposes by telephone, fax, text messaging, or other electronic means, and automatic dialing-announcing device, at the numbers you have provided us, or by ATM, internet, mail, email and other methods. To understand how you can withdraw your consent refer to the "Marketing Purposes" section of the Privacy Agreement or contact us at 1-866-567-8888.

For a credit card, line of credit, loan, mortgage or other credit facility, or a deposit account with overdraft protection, hold and/or withdrawal or transaction limits, we will exchange Information and reports about you with credit reporting agencies and other lenders at the time of and during the application process, and on an ongoing basis to validate your identity, review and verify your creditworthiness, establish credit and hold limits, help us collect a debt or enforce an obligation owed to us by you, and/or manage and assess our risks. You may choose not to have us conduct a credit check in order to assess an application for credit. Once you have such a facility or product with us and for a reasonable period of time afterwards, we may from time to time disclose your Information to other lenders and credit reporting agencies requesting such Information, which helps establish your credit history and supports the credit granting and processing functions in general. We may obtain Information and reports about you from Equifax Canada Inc., Trans Union of Canada, Inc. or any other credit reporting agency. You may access and rectify any of your personal information contained in their files by contacting them directly through their respective websites and Once you have applied for any credit product with us, you may not withdraw your consent to this exchange of Information.

Additional Information and Disclosures for TD Aeroplan Cardholders

You acknowledge and consent to the following additional collection, uses and disclosure of Information about you.

You are giving the contact information on your application both to TD (the Bank) and to Aimia Canada Inc. who owns and operates the Aeroplan Program ("Aeroplan"). Your contact information is your name, mailing address(es), email address(es), telephone number(s), language preference, and your Aeroplan membership number (if you have provided it). Aeroplan may use this Information as described in Aeroplan's privacy policy.

When you are approved for a TD Aeroplan Credit Card Account, TD and Aeroplan will share Information with each other, including, but not limited to, information about transactions on your Card (for example the purchase amount, transaction date, merchant name, and whether the transaction was completed by you or another Cardholder on the Account), and your Aeroplan program transactions and information (for example, your Aeroplan Miles earnings or redemptions and Aeroplan tier) for the purposes set out in TD's and Aeroplan's privacy policies, administering and supporting the Aeroplan program, enhancing each of TD and Aeroplan's products and services, providing promotional materials and offers, internal reporting and analytics, and improving total customer experience, and for the purposes set out in the Agreement for the Account. You may not withdraw your consent for the sharing of this Information because it is a key benefit and feature of the Card.

TD may also disclose to Aeroplan the following specific information about the Account: the location of the merchants from which you made purchases on the Account, billing date, the age range and salutation of the Cardholder in whose name the Account is opened, and number of Cardholders on the Account for the purposes set out above including to improve a Cardholder's experience and provide specific promotional materials and offers that may be of interest to the Cardholder. If you do not wish us to disclose this specific Information please call: TD at 1-800-983-8472.

Please note that any Information that is provided directly to Aeroplan or that Aeroplan obtains about a Cardholder as a member of the Aeroplan program (including as a potential member) will be governed by Aeroplan's privacy policy and practices and is not the responsibility of TD.

If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use or disclosure of Information by Aeroplan, would rather not be contacted about Aeroplan's products or services, or wish to obtain more information about Aeroplan's privacy policy and practices, simply call Aeroplan directly or visit the Aeroplan program website at

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